It was my lucky day when a friend suggested I contact Herb Schaffner about the book I was writing. I had written a lot but it didn’t look like a book yet. Herb helped me come up with the basic structure, figure out what I really wanted to say and develop a chapter by chapter plan. He [then] reviewed each chapter and edited the manuscript.

The most amazing thing happened. Although I had planned on self-publishing, it looked like the book might be of interest to several publishers. We drafted a proposal, sent it out to several publishers, got a lot of interest–Herb’s got great connections–and then sold the book to a top-notch publishing house. Now, he’s helping me with marketing. My advice is simple: If you want to publish a book, hire Herb Schaffner. He’ll get the job done.

Robert Tobin, author, What Do You Want to Create Today?, Tokyo, Japan